If 2021 is about something, it should be about failing. A lot. Again and again.

Because it means that at least, you tried.

Please, fail. Learn about it. Because there is no reason to be afraid or ashamed about it.

Please, fail. Because if there is one thing that we should know about life, it might be this one.

No one needs superheroes or wining machines. You are the antiheroes we need for 2021. So please, fail. Laugh about it. Make an ass of yourself if necessary. It’s ok. You’re going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine. And if not, you’ll learn about it anyway. So fail, again and again.

My podcast Transmission is about to be released on the 8th of January 2021. It’s full of imperfections, but hey, it’s out there and dedicated to all these antiheroes making my world a better place to be. Thank you for existing. Eat cakes, love, laugh, cry, get hurt, be happy, feel the anger and the despair. And don’t forget to be in peace with yourself as well. Fail, fall, and learn. Happy new start to you.

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