After a weird week, sometimes, all that you need is a big walk.

This one includes a lot of wind sounds (sorry for your ear(s), this was quite improvised), impressive stunts in the mud (wowow), a bit of the week’s feelings and creation updates.

I wrote a new blog post for a friend who does not like watching movies (hey you), and got all excited preparing the episode 2 of the podcast Transmission in English (Sacrebleu). Meanwhile, you can still check the episode 1, in froggy language but subtitled on Youtube.

I hope you’re managing to cope with everything, navigating in between this mix of chaos and beautiful things.

After the 1st lockdown in Spain, I made a gift to myself under the form of another tattoo. Might seem weird, but having the mantra of my year 2020 inked on the skin was something I needed. It says (it’s an extract of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem):

« Let everything happen to you / Beauty and terror ».

Funny thing is that, now, I’m considering having the missing verse as well to illustrate 2021:

« Just keep going. No feeling is final. »

Take care of yourself people ❤

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