TRANSMISSION / Episode 10 (EN/FR Subs) : « The one with whom it all started – Part 2»

🇬🇧 « This podcast is above all a story of freedom. It’s about being free from the « not good enough », « not cool enough », « not professional enough », « not everything enough ». not funny enough », « not everything enough », of all these toxic things that our  social networks make us believe. It’s about the freedom to write, to speak out, to feel, to share, to make mistakes, to take side roads or to go straight ahead if we fucking want to.« 

Here comes the mid-season edition of Transmission. For this special one, dear French and English listeners, you will share a common story. The story of the origin of this podcast, with trains, bitter-sweet pieces of life, and the untold stories of the anti-heroes you have discovered in previous episodes.

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